What is KRE8ivU About?

Quite simply, we are a very creative after school program!

Our program teaches music production and cinematography/film-making. We are presently active in the Lexington City School District in North Carolina and started classes November of 2017. While Lexington City School system is certainly a start, our goal for KRE8ivU is to expand its program concept to more school systems and to hedge county to county and state to state.

KRE8ivU Media

KRE8ivU Media

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Our program is unique, we are project-based and the class curriculum platform is orchestrated like a lab. During the music production and film-making classes, the students will learn the basics of music multitrack recording, storyboarding, storytelling to editing, and music mixing and mastering. Each student will have a completed project that he or she created every five to seven classes.


The students are introduced to various music industries and the career opportunities obtainable with these skill-sets. In reality, everyone is not a music or movie star; however, producers, engineers, lyricists, directors, and cameramen, among others, have fulfilling careers.

Our Uniqueness Sets Us Apart
Student recording her first song.
Student Gains

The takeaway each student gains from our program is teamwork, recording skills, storyboarding, basic musical composition and the opportunity to learn how to properly use the technology to create professional music and video productions. All these things and more become actionable skills in their school work and future career lives.

Professional Instructors

Our instructors are industry professionals and train the students with current industry-standard skills and techniques so that each student achieves a professional and a commercial level of results. KRE8ivU brings current software and accessories into the classrooms. Students need no prior musical knowledge or skills to enroll in the program.