About the Founder

When Douglas was in high school he had a passion for music and production. Matter of fact the teachers started calling him THE PRODUCER.


In high school, his love for music production led him on a journey that started at Berklee College of Music where he studied arranging and composition. While there, Douglas was discovered as a keyboardist and started on the road with artists like George McCrae, George Benson, Sister Sledge, Ecstasy, Passion, and Pain, and more. Eventually, he recorded and produced a hit record with a group called "Leprechaun" the song was named "Loc-It-Up".​

For the last 20 years, he has been producing, songwriting, and working in churches as a creative arts director. During these years:

  • He produced & directed videos and audio recordings.

  • Trained students in live sound and video productions

  • He has been the chief musician in churches

  • Directed praise & worship teams.​

Douglas is a two time graduate of Full Sail University and has obtained Music Production Bachelor of Science Degree and an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Master of Science Degree. He's the recipient of two Course Director Awards, Advanced Achievement Award, and Valedictorian. It was at Full Sail that he was able to create the model for his life dream of teaching students music production and film-making on a professional and commercial level. Then came the birth of KRE8ivU a not-for-profit company.

Douglas Greene Founder of KRE8ivU