KRE8ivU Statements & Values

Vision Statement

Inspiring students to develop soft skills needed for a lifetime of success... While having fun!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to use project-based learning to achieve our vision. Having students create Music Production/Beatmaking and Cinematography/Filmmaking projects will expose them to new skill-sets and career paths... While having fun!

Core Values

  1. Listen to what is being said before we speak

    • Although we are bold and our classes may be exciting we believe in listening. By listening we learn, by listening we can teach, and by listening we may lead others.

  2. Always seek to improve

    • By seeking to constantly improve means that we keep growing. Look at what we did and find a way to do it better.

  3. It is important that we forgive ourselves and others quickly

    • It is important not to dwell on our past mistakes but to learn what we can from them then move on. It is also just as important to forgive others as unforgiveness impedes growth and a positive outlook, which can equal missed opportunities.

  4. Treat everyone with respect

    • We expect our instructors and staff of KRE8ivU hold the highest regard for others and respect for everyone we encounter. It is our hope that this respect will carry on with our students. That every encounter with KRE8ivU staff will be an example of respect.

  5. We practice innovation and creativity daily - help others to create and innovate

    • This is our focus – to create an environment that is conducive to innovation. To open our student’s eyes to new opportunities and in the process, learn new skills or find a talent that may have otherwise been hidden

KRE8ivU Culture

We are a company that is motivated by today’s technology as it pertains to media. As much as we love technology we love to inspire young students into the world of digital content creation. Whether shooting video of a friend skateboarding, filming a car chase or producing a friend’s first song and posting it on Soundcloud, YouTube, or Facebook. We want to provide our students the best skills to do it all.

Our classes are fun and exciting. We constantly challenge the students to go further and stretch their boundaries. However, there are also times for rewards and celebrations. That’s right we do a lot of that. We celebrate the completion of a project, sometimes birthdays, and sometimes we just celebrate to celebrate.

There will be scheduled presentations for parents and school buddies to attend. And of course, all the projects will be accessible from any of the KRE8ivU internet properties.

We are excited to get started and can’t wait to hear and see the new creations!