Music Production Program




A hands on approach to learning...

Students enrolled in the program will learn to create music productions without any prior experience. The students will learn and refine techniques:

  • in audio recording

  • music editing, production techniques

  • basic music theory

  • music law

  • and more 

The courses are taught in a hands-on environment.

Course Objectives

All projects are started in the classroom and taken home by the student to work on during the week. When the student returns to the class they will review each other’s work. The instructor will encourage class participation, peer evaluation and suggest and demonstrate better solutions for the students’ productions. The instructor will add a couple of new elements to the exercise for the next step of the project. All projects will be completed in approximately five steps. After a project is completed the next class will be for the sole purpose of review and introduction to the next project. Then we start the next five lessons.

Teamwork is the chief principle of KRE8ivU. While each project will originate from each student there will be times that they will collaborate with one another. The only way to teach production effectively is to have each student experiment all sides of the process. Therefore, KRE8ivU will have one student will produce the other students’ vocals and then switch roles, or one student will mix a students’ project and the other will master it.

In the writing skill lessons, the students are encouraged to collaborate in the creation of projects either lyrically and/or musically. The students are made aware of copyright law. They will be taught what copyright infringement is and review recent headlined cases.

Class Structure

All Classes:

  • Meet once a week on the same day

  • Will be 2 hours’ long

  • Need a minimum of 8 students not to exceed 12 students

  • Students must have access to a Windows or Apple computer with recent operating system


NOTE: It is not required to bring computers to class although it is welcomed

Program Cost


How tuition is paid:

  • Tuition is either paid by parent or scholarship program to find out more Contact KRE8ivU



  • Students must have access to a Windows or Apple computer with recent operating systems


NOTE:  Students are not required to bring computers to class, although it is welcomed.

Topics Covered

For All Subjects:

  • basic storytelling

  • creative writing

  • technical terminology/vocabulary

  • introduction to publishing

  • permissions and releases

  • copyright law

  • types of copyrights

  • industry titles

  • industry opportunities


Music Production

  • vocal miking techniques

  • types of microphones

  • solo instrument miking techniques

  • signal flow

  • loop creation

  • bussing

  • mixing

  • master buss

  • meters

  • basic music theory

  • keys

  • major scales

  • minor scales

  • blues scales

  • harmony/chords

  • production techniques

  • vocal recording

  • recording drums

  • recording guitars

  • recording solo instruments

  • advanced recording techniques

  • advanced mixing techniques

Please note that this program is wholly owned and operated by KRE8ivU, Inc. which is a not-for -profit organization and is not in any way a part of the school systems it operates in.