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Music Education Works

When a student loves something, there is a propensity to attempt to master the skills to do it well. That particular skill may be a lyric to a song or creating a better beat to his or her song. The student aims to improve their work which promotes craftsmanship, creating great work in lieu of mediocre work. This desire to master a skill becomes an exercise that follows the student throughout their life.


Students stay engaged because KRE8ivU is enjoyable! Our classes are exciting and engaging. The 21-century workforce is and KRE8ivU is preparing students for it. In the research paper entitled “Future Work Skills 2020” stated “The next generation of workers will need to become fluent in forms such as video, able to critically “read” and assess them in the same way that they currently assess a paper or presentation. They will also need to be comfortable creating and presenting their own visual information”. Storytelling and creative writing are already the staple in our social media rich society and are a coveted skill set in the workforce.

Music Production


Music programs like KRE8ivU help students learn teamwork which helps build camaraderie. They also learn responsible risk-taking which helps them deal with fear. Completing a project helps brings self-confidence which gives a student a feeling of accomplishment and self-worth. These skills are needed to complete any future career and life, in general.


Students in music programs score higher in SAT’s than students not enrolled in any of the arts. “Music performance students scored 53 points higher on the verbal and 39 points higher on the math. Music appreciation students scored 61 points higher on the verbal and 42 points higher on the math”

The greatest part about KRE8ivU is that students do not have to be able to sing or play and instrument to enroll. Nor will they have to learn to sing or play an instrument. We will teach students with and without any musical training. We just have one requirement... a love for creating and innovating multimedia projects!

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