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Music Production Education, In the schools

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

KRE8ivU is a Multimedia Program

Is for middle and high school aged students. Our program teaches students to produce professional music, audio and video projects. The object is to help students find their creative talents by learning advanced storytelling in music and cinematography.

Video shoot & editing by: Charlotte Fitzgerald Cinematography Instructor for KRE8ivU.

Our Cutting Edge After-School Program

We will be using the most current software and industry tools available. Our instructors are committed to our culture and vision which encourages the student experience to be both inspiring and motivating.

Our Goals Are Clear at KRE8ivU

That each student's creativity will be both challenged and harnessed. That the skills learned in our program will not only help accelerate their education as a whole but also give them a foundation for under and postgraduate education along with their future careers.


For information about our program call (980) 288-5738, comment below, or CLICK HERE and fill out this short form.

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