Fundraising Committee

Position Description

Seeking an individual with extensive fundraising experience who is interested in volunteering with our organization to create positive cash flow to fund our programs. Tasks will include the below.

  1. Reaching vendors and partners for coordination.

  2. Establish and maintain good rapport with current and future partners.

  3. Work with Volunteer Manager to mobilize needed volunteers.

  4. Clerical duties to include managing current and future fundraising database and lessons learned.

  5. Work with staff, other volunteers and vendors to solidify a date, plan of action, and finally, the execution of an event.

We're looking for candidates who have experience with fundraising, have strong initiative and think outside of the box with fresh ideas.

Committee Objective: Provide input to and participate in raising funds to support the work of the KRE8ivU, Inc.
Skills, Attributes, and Prerequisites

  • Commitment to the vision, mission, and goals of KRE8ivU

  • Understanding of KRE8ivU as a charitable organization

  • Willingness to make a personal annual contribution to KRE8ivU and to solicit others

  • Member in good standing of KRE8ivU


Primary Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provide input into the development of the annual campaign, including direct mail, personal solicitation, and events fundraising (including an annual conference, private events, silent auction, etc.)

  • Engage in the execution of all aspects of the annual fundraising campaign, including marketing efforts, personal solicitation, and the acknowledgment process

  • Help plan and implement campaigns to solicit funds from the NCH community and beyond

  • Help to identify new prospects and potential funders

  • Report activities and communicate to the Chair of the Fundraising Committee

  • Liaise and communicate as appropriate with the Executive Director


Time Commitment


  • Preparation for and participation in up to once monthly conference calls (as needed)

  • Allocation of time to meet with or contact donors or prospects

  • Costs associated with participating in fundraising events will be the responsibility of the volunteer committee member

Term Limits

  • Volunteer Committee members serve up to five consecutive one-year terms


Relationship with Other KRE8ivU Committees


  • Committee reports directly to the KRE8ivU Board of Directors.



To apply please email us at: